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Kuhn & Kuhn Law Firm welcomes you to our Estate Planning information website; South Carolina’s resource center for Estate Planning services and information. Our Charleston, SC and Hilton Head, SC attorneys practice in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration and advanced Estate Planning. We are a full service Estate Planning law firm dedicated to ensuring that our client’s assets are protected and their financial goals are met. Estate Planning can do so much more than preserving your financial wealth. It can provide peace of mind for you and your family, as well as protect your heirlooms, family stories and life lessons. We strive to provide you quality Estate Planning services, and create an Estate Plan based on your unique needs.

Estate Planning: So Much More Than a Will

Recognizing your need for Estate Planning is the first step in securing your family’s financial future. The experienced Estate Planning attorneys at our law firm in Charleston, SC and Hilton Head, SC can help. Our Estate Planning lawyers can assist you with all of your Estate Planning documents including Wills and Living Trusts. We can also assist you with other Estate Planning such as Probate assistance and Trust Administration.

The Probate Process in South Carolina

The Probate process in Charleston, SC and Hilton Head, SC can be stressful especially for those that are grieving the death of a loved one. Losing a loved one is a difficult thing to go through but adding the sometimes confusing and usually time consuming process of Probate can be too much to handle. The experienced Estate Planning attorneys in Charleston, SC and Hilton Head, SC can take the burden of Probate from your loved ones. Make Probate a process; not a problem. Our Probate attorneys can assist you with the complete Probate process, giving you more time to grieve for your loss.

Estate Planning: Living Trusts and Trust Administration

A Living Trust is a legal way to reduce your estate tax expenses and still provide your family with the financial security they deserve to maintain their lifestyle. The Estate Planning attorneys at our Charleston, SC and Hilton Head, SC law firm can help you draft your Living Trust and with the Trust Administration process. From drawing up the Living Trust document to ensuring that the Living Trust is appropriately funded as well as distributed according to the trust. Our Estate Planning and Trust Administration lawyers can assist you with Trust Administration for you and your loved ones.

Advanced Estate Planning

People are beginning to recognize that advanced Estate Planning is a great way to minimize tax burdens. Our Advanced Estate Planning lawyers in Charleston, SC and Hilton Head, SC can provide you with all of advanced Estate Planning strategies to minimize your tax liability and preserve your wealth for your family. These strategies can include Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Grantor Retained Income Trusts and Family Foundations. Our Advanced Estate Planning can personalize your advanced Estate Planning directive to suit your specific needs.

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